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Who Wants to Get Flirty? Melissa did! Hear her story here…

From the bridesmaid dresses to the linen, every detail of our June wedding was the product of decision-making. Some decisions were easier than others but all demanded our attention. One decision I spent a lot time on was what to give Craig on our wedding day. Since high school, I wrote love letters to my future husband to symbolize my commitment to him. I kept them in a shoebox and planned to give it to him on our wedding day. In addition to the letters, I wanted to give Craig another gift. This is when I stumbled across Jessica’s Get Flirty session. I heard of other women taking boudoir photos but had never seriously considered this for myself. As the planning continued, I kept revisiting this idea. Ultimately, I decided my shoebox of letters would be well complimented by a Get Flirty album. I knew Craig would not expect either of these two things and they were gifts he could cherish forever.

Once the decision was made, I coordinated with Jessica to plan the day. I decided to do the shoot in my apartment where Craig and I spent a lot of time together. Naturally, I was anxious but a glass of wine and the support of a close friend helped calm my nerves. It was such a fun day! Jessica is very friendly and made me feel comfortable. She provided me with some guidance to ease my apprehensions. Prior to the shoot, my friend helped me pick out my wardrobe and this helped me feel more confident. It was so hard not to tell Craig about the photos, especially when we had our engagement shoot scheduled a few days later. My acting skills were tested when I pretended I had not seen Jessica four days earlier.

In the months leading up to the wedding, I couldn’t wait to give Craig his photo album and shoebox. On the big day, we exchanged gifts privately before heading off to get ready. It was a moment neither of us will ever forget and one we reminisce about often. For future clients, I would recommend discarding your insecurities and letting your confidence shine! It’s such a fun experience and an opportunity you won’t often have. Among the many decisions we made in planning our wedding, I feel choosing the Get Flirty session was one of the best.

Welcome Baby Sofi

The last 3 years I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Miami during the winter for destination weddings. This year it wasn’t a wedding that brought me down south, it was a baby! Baby Sofi came into this world a few weeks ago and I had the great pleasure of meeting and playing with her! Sofi is off to see the world, so we thought it would be great to document her short stay in Miami before she headed back home to Chile. Here’s just a quick sneak peak from the new family of three…


Family Portraits at the Duck Pond: Murphy Family

I recently had the pleasure of working with this adorable family on new portraits for their Christmas card. Christmas card portraits are always popular this time of year… and I don’t mind it at all. I love anything to do with Christmas so it’s been nothing but fun for me!

Waiting on Baby: Erica’s Maternity

Awhile back I had the great pleasure of capturing Erica and Curtis’s wedding at Southern Tree Plantation. Fast forward a couple years, I get an email from Erica announcing she’s expecting and wants to do a maternity session. I was of course very excited for them and couldn’t wait to meet back up to document another joyous occasion of theirs. I’m a little behind posting images from our session, but here they are…

PS: Stay tuned for images from our newborn session… like I said, I’m a little behind;)

Waiting on Babies: Elizabeth and Wayne

I posted a sneak peak awhile back from Elizabeth and Wayne’s maternity session. We are still waiting on the babies… that’s right, TWINS! We have some time before they will make an appearance, but boy oh boy am I excited to meet them!

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