this weekend…

I made a huge to do list for this weekend but found myself not wanting to do anything. So instead, I crossed out all my errands and wrote in my agenda book “do nothing”. That’s exactly what I did… for the most part. Friday night Ryan and I went to Spamalot with a couple of friends. We then met up with more friends for a little late night get together in Nashville. Saturday I sat on the couch watching reruns of My So Called Life, Dirty Jobs, Law and Order, 30 Rock and the documentary Manufactured Landscapes. That night was the only time I left the family room and that was to attend Vanderbilt Medical School’s Cadaver Ball. During the ball the medical students put on a variety show, so my friend Ben, a doctor in the making, asked Ryan to play drums with his group. It was a real fun night. We hit up Waffle House with Wayne and his girlfriend and then headed to the hotel to meet the med students. There they were, 10 med students and 2 non-med students rocking it out in the Tennessee Ball room at Orpyland Hotel. It was fun to watch them. They were having such a great time. Today (Sunday) Ryan and I slept in and then went to Beth Page to have lunch with his grandparents. Now we are back home and back to doing nothing again. It’s been a perfect weekend. Sometimes you just need those couple of days to relax and take it easy.

Here are some photos from the Saturday adventure…

Waffle House….


Wayne and Elizabeth

Ryan waiting in Opryland Hotel…


“Born to Run”







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