Getting hitched…

Matt and Lisa are getting married come this October and I’m super excited to be a part of their wedding. I’ve actually known these two for a several years now. I met Matt through my husband and our mutual friends and Lisa back in college through Ryan’s roommate. What’s funny about their engagement is that Ryan and I almost blew the surprise! A while ago Ryan received a text from “someone” saying “me and Matt are engaged, just wanted to let you all know. Love ya!” We didn’t know any friends that were dating and had the name Matt, except for Matt Pusti. We were going to call Matt and Lisa to wish them congratulations, but figured we should give them some time with family first. Good thing we did, cause about an hour later Ryan and I found out the text was from his cousin Megan and her boyfriend Matt. Opps, close call. It all worked out well and low and behold, look who’s engaged now, Matt and Lisa!

We spent last Sunday night together walking around downtown, hanging out in the Green Hills Library, and getting kicked off a public sidewalk. It was an awesome time though! The two of them warmed up to the camera real fast and everything just rolled on from there. Below are a few of my favorites from our evening together.






chris scott - LOVE these! Those last two are amazing, although I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in the last one :D

Oh, by the way, there *might* be a little blog-love going on over here, which *might* include a picture of you doing some sort of happy-dance.


Thanks for coming out to play Sunday, we loved spending the time with you!


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