Just a day in the park…

Tonight was so much fun! It all began with dinner at my favorite chicken shack in Nashville, Mcdougals. I threw down some chicken fingers with my hubby, good friends Andrew and Jesse, my brother Aaron and my two lovely models for the night, Rikki (also my hubby’s sister) and her boyfriend Thomas. After we stuffed our faces with yummy food, Andrew, Aaron, and I headed over to Centennial park for a photo op with Rikki and Thomas. Jesse ended up coming too and did a mighty fine job carrying bags and keys. I think I should ask him to attend weddings with me and act as my mule – maybe he’ll accept chicken fingers as a form of payment?

We had some great fun out there in the park. Every now and then we would draw a crowd of people. It’s hard not to stare at what’s going on when there’s one photographer, but add two more and an assistant – that’s when you get people thinking there is someone famous in their line of sight.

The below images are the results of fun, fun, and more fun.









Kelli - These are super hot! Number five is my favorite.

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