It’s sweet love…

Here is another over do blog…. Lynsi and Randy got married awhile back and I was there to capture every second of it. I had a pair of photographer’s with me that day, Aaron Yung and Andrew Good.

Lynsi and Randy actually got married on the same farm that Sara Evan’s and Jay Barker said their “I do’s”. It was a beautiful farm, with a goregous pond and big green fields. It was a perfect setting for this wedding. The wooden chairs and the white rose petals just popped out from the green grass. There were a lot of details to the wedding and reception that caught my eye! It was all so beautiful.

Below are a few of my favorites and again, since you were all so patient… you get extra photos!












Jessica - No no… thank you Lynsi for everything at the wedding. It was so nice being in the company of great people. Your family, your friends, everyone was so welcoming and awesome.

Lauren – oh please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

Aunt Sandi – that banana pudding was to die for. For you to even compare my photography to that is a huge compliment! Get out a big bowl though, cause there’s tons more to come!

Aunt Sandi - This is like getting JUST A LITTLE taste of the delicious banana pudding at the reception!! Now, I’m hungry for more!! What beautiful work! I love your eye for unique angles!! My favorite (believe it or not) is the rings on the wooden clothes pegs!! Who would have ever thought to do that! Cannot wait to see more!!!

Lauren - OMG – I love these! I am going to email you right now to hopefully photograph my wedding.

Lynsi - I’m so glad the wait is over and I get a glimpse of what’s to come!! These are beautiful!!! My favorites are the one of Wylie with his coat off and then the last one of me and Randy from behind! Can’t wait to see the rest…Hope you’re doing great, Jessica, thanks again for all you did at the wedding!

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