Darden Cup 2008 – Softball Tournment

There were a number of events that took place on Saturday September 13th. First and foremost, it was my birthday! My birthday started off a bit rough, but that’s only because I went to the DMV at 8am. I was begging for trouble. It didn’t take long to get my spirits back up though. All it took was a cup of vanilla iced coffee and a morning full of Darden students playing softball. Which leads us to the second event, the Darden Cup 2008 Softball Tournament. Each month the first year sections of the class of 2010 get together for a friendly, competitive game of various sports (cricket, softball, basketball, bowling, kickball etc.). They started the season off with softball and I was there to capture every foul, strike and home-run. Below are a few images from the days events. Following the long day in the sun, I proceeded to celebrate my birthday the only way I knew how… bowling! I’ve welcomed the last five years of my life with spares, turkey’s and gutter-balls.









My friend Celeste took a group photo at the bowling alley. Here we are with our game faces on!


Jessica G. - I love how you capture everyone in these pictures in their true essence.

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