Sunset Beach, NC…

Ryan and I are back from the beach and have managed to get back into the swing of regular life. Below are some images from our vacation.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

And really, the best two images to summarize our 10 days at the beach are below… this is really how we spent our time at Sunset Beach.


Ryan in the wave

Jessica in the wave

Jessica - After reading your comment Chris I’ve decided two things: 1. Charlottesville has treated this little lady well. It’s all the walking to and from Darden I do. 2. I do miss Nashville and the lovely people who live there (especially you and Adrienne). 3. If you go on a vacation it should be with me & Ryan 4. I can’t count either! Oh, and 5. You two are the best!

chris. - Adrienne and I just looked at this post and decided two things:

1. You look fantastic.
2. You guys need to move back to Nashville.
3. We want to go on a vacation.
4. I can’t count.

ryan - I’m a fast rocker. Lightning speed.

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