Becky and Shawn, Nashville Wedding

Hold on to your seats…you are about to be overloaded with images from Becky and Shawn’s wedding in Nashville, TN.

Here’s a really cool story about how I came to photograph their wedding. Becky’s brother in-law was a groomsmen in another wedding I did last year. He had way too much fun with me and couldn’t pass up the opportunity of being photographed by me again…so what did he do, he recommended me! I had moved to Virginia when Becky contacted me. The majority of our conversations took place over the internet. She was kind enough to email me a photograph of her and Shawn. When I opened it up I thought “man she looks familar”. It took about 10 mins to figure out how I knew Becky. When I did figure it out, I just laughed and laughed. Back in college she and I were in a music video together for a friends band. We spent the day filming wearing leotards, legwarmers and sweatbands. That honestly may have been one of the last times I saw Becky.

I’m so happy to have that memory, but even more happy to have a fresh memory of Becky marrying Shawn on the Shelby Street Bridge!

Below are several images from their wedding on the bridge and their reception at aVenue. I honestly can’t say enough about this wedding… it was stunning, sweet and fun. Take a look at the images and you’ll see what I mean!

Jessica Rayborn Photography - Hey Chris! You know me… I love me some flare! This reception was super sweet. It was held at AVenue South. Here is their events page: They have some amazing venues!

chris - You’re killin’ it with that light in the reception! Where was that?

Kelly - Amazing work Jessica, amazing!

ryan - I love the couple shot. The first one of them after the ceremony.

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