Day 4 in our travels…Hong Kong

Since our arrival in Hong Kong, Ryan and I have shopped down Nathan Road, tackled Stanley Market, swam in Repulse Bay, explored Kowloon Park, cooked BBQ on the beach and ate spicy hot pot. It amazed me today to find that an activity like going to the beach transcends culture. However, the specifics are a bit different. For example in North Carolina when I visit the beach everyone has a boogie board, cooler, umbrella, radio and sunscreen handy. At the beach today, there were no such items. Instead, the locals were plopping out of their cars and jumping in the water wearing tiny suits and carrying little more than a towel. It seemed their water activities were more exercise than playfulness. There was even an announcement made over the loudspeaker banning everything from kites to surfing to boardgames. It was an unusual beach experience but we still had a lot of fun!

Tomorrow is our last full day in Hong Kong and we’ll spend it visiting Macu Island. Then it’s off to Vietnam. Enjoy the few images before from a few more of our adventures in Hong Kong.

Megan Randall - Jess,
the black and white photos are freakin’ exquisite1 That woman, taking a break and smoking (?) that is amazing. Keep sharing!! Miss you both! Will try to have Sunday Baked Chicken and raise a glass of Crystal Light in your honor XO

Megan Randall - Ryan!! You crazy kid. What a great photo!

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