Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand was the last country we visited in South East Asia. It was a quick visit but a great one. This was Ryan’s first time to visit Bangkok and my 3rd. The last time I visited was about 15 years ago, so it was good for me to brush up on my Thai and revisit many of the temples. We had an excellent tour guide while in the city. Our friend Rung (one of Ryan’s classmates) offered to host us and show us around the city. It was great spending some time with her. Visiting any city with a local gives you such a different and more authentic perspective of the area. I also feel that we learned more about Rung in the 4 days we were with her in Bangkok than the 2 years at Darden. Ryan and I both could tell she was happy to be back home.

Enjoy the photos from Thailand below…Our traveling in Australia is a bit more rustic so photos may not be posted quite as timely. Keep a look out and I’ll post as a I can.

Jessica Rayborn Photography - Jay, we got the closed till 2pm thing at the royal palace in Cambodia where, surprisingly, it was true. A friend of mine from Darden was our personal tour guide in Bangkok so we didn’t get hassled by anybody!

Jay - Did the touts tell you temples were closed until 2:00?

Rikki - Whew! I am glad that you posted these! Dad was starting to freak out because he hadn’t heard anything from you two! Glad you are both ok and having fun!!! Watch out in Australia…I have heard they are big on human trafficing!!

Matt Yung - Did you end up taking a photo inside after the sign told you not to? If you did, good job!

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