Ice Fishing in Waconia, Minnesota

Ryan has been doing a lot of traveling to Minnesota for work. I tagged along one weekend in December and had a great time in Minneapolis. Spending one weekend there was not enough though. I wanted to visit again, and call me crazy, but I wanted to go later in the winter. I thought it would be great to really experience the cold and the winter activities you just can’t do here in Atlanta…like ice fishing.

Ryan and I have a few friends in the Minnesota area, so we gathered up the herd and went on an ice fishing expedition – ten of us packed into a cabin on Lake Waconia. Being that the majority of this crew were business students, it was no surprise to me how much research went into “how to have the best time out on a frozen lake.” I even struck up a conversation with a couple guys on the plane about my upcoming fishing adventure. They seemed to be familiar with the process and gave me a lot of helpful hints! Needless to say, our group arrived to the lake prepared with games, food, and drinks for six hours worth of fishing.

Our cabin was great. It was surprisingly spacious for ten people and all our gear. Even though natives had told me they go fishing in just jeans and a flannel shirt, we all bundled up for the worst. I mean it was -20 the day before. We figured it would be better to strip down if hot than to freeze. The little heater in the cabin made it super toasty in there, so I shed a layer pretty quickly. We all did pretty well fishing but didn’t catch anything big, just a few small sunfish. We acted as if they were big though. Every time someone caught a fish we all cheered and rooted them on as they pulled up the line. Then of course I made them pose with their prize catch. Our lake neighbor was outside when Ryan caught the first fish of the day. I’m sure he thought we scored big as all of us were screaming with joy. When we stepped outside he asked us what we got. Ryan showed him and he just giggled a bit and told us to have fun. It wasn’t the first giggle of the day. We kept some locals chuckling at the marina as they overheard our questions and comments.

All in all ice fishing was fabulous. I would love to go back to Minnesota one more time before the ice thaws to fish again -especially with the friends I went with on this trip. They are what made it such a wonderful experience.

Jessica Rayborn - Hi Greg!

Thanks so much for the kind words. We certainly did have a great time. I’m starting to fall more in love with your city with each visit. It’s amazing how much there really is to do, even when it’s below zero.

Greg Barnard - Jessica, I love your fishing story and pictures of the big adventure. I heard about it for weeks prior to your outing and looked forward to hearing about Ryan’s fish tales. I just didn’t realize the fish tails would be so small. Looks like you all had a great time. You are a wonderful photographer because your pictures made sub-zero Minnesota weather look like fun.
Best wishes,
Greg from Cargill

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