Erica and Curtis, Christmas in July- Sneak Peak

I fell in love with this wedding the second Erica and Curtis told me at our first meeting they were planning a  rustic celebration on a Christmas tree farm up in the mountains. How cool is that?! These two planned a wonderful wedding with so many fantastic details. I’m excited to share more with you, but until I do… enjoy this image of Erica and Curtis in midst of the Christmas trees!

Gary - (Second attempt at posting)= Photography almost as good as being there! Excellent eye — big picture and small detail…

Gary Jones - Photography almost as good as being there! Excellent eye — big picture and small detail…

Heather Leeds - Hey Curtis and Erica
I loved the wedding so much. It was very beauitful. Have a great new life and stay in touch. Love you guys and hope to see you sooner than later. love heather.

Aunt Betty - It was a beautiful wedding. The photographer must have been wild trying to find the best picture sites because there were so many.It was a beautiful, beautiful site for two beautiful people!

Sheri Lee - Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

Jean Sebastian - The wedding was beautiful down to the last detail. Waiting to see other photos.

Sandy Jones - Great pics hope to see more.

Karen Marshall - I love this beautiful setting for a portrait, it is a very “Romantic” picture, perfect for a wedding couple!

Steve Marshall - Erica & Curtis, we’re so very sorry we could not attend, you have always been there for our famiy events and we should have been there for yours. We wish you the very best, and maybe one of these times on my layovers in ATL we can have lunch! Look forward to seeing more of the events!

Sandy Hastillo - This was a fabulous wedding! Two very special people that you captured beautifully. Congratulations Erica and Curtis!

Sally - I can’t wait to see the rest! The green trees and blue sky make a perfect background for y’all to stand out in!

sharon k - Beautiful setting,, gorgeous picture,, Congratulations Erica and Curtis,,, Dennis you must be such a proud Dad….

CONRAD AND JOAN ENGSBERG - beutiful phtography of curtis and erica wedding

Filippa Luciano - Aunt Betty told me the setting was beautiful and the two of you looked so special throughout the festivities. Now I can see for myself. Congratulations!

DAVE JONES - great venue for a wedding, can’t wait to see the rest of the pics

Sheri Lee - Looks Amazing ~ Can’t wait to see all the other pictures.

Jeanne - I can’t wait to see all the rest. Best wedding I have ever been to.

Nancy - A Summer Wonderland — It was such a beautiful wedding celebration & a lovely day!

Luci - Beautiful! I can’t wait to see more!!!

Erica Engsberg - Love it! I am super excited to see more! Thank you!

Ali - I love this photo! I’m eager to see the others!

Laurie Grunske - Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Congratulations.

Samantha - Were the trees really that big? Gorgeous!

Erin mauldin - So beautiful! I know all the pictures will be just as gorgeous. Congratulations!

Adrienne Scott - We love you and we love this image. It is amazingly spectacular. Yeah, that’s right.

Sarah - So gorgeous! Love the photo! Congrats friends!

Dennis - It was a great wedding, loved the engagement photos, cannot wait to see the rest of the wedding photos! Awesome shot, great shot….

Hannah - Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Sara - Pretty!

Curtis - Love the big trees! Can’t wait to see the rest of them…

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