Our travels in South America: Peru

A couple months ago Ryan and I took a trip through parts of Peru and Chile. We’ve wanted to visit South America and had an invitation to visit friends in Chile for a while. After talking with our friends in early March we decided it was now or never. We had been telling them we’d visit for about a year and hadn’t – our bad! So we booked our trip at the last minute for the beginning of April. Lately a lot of our travels seem to be last minute. We typically wait to see what my wedding schedule looks like and when Ryan has a better idea of what his project schedule will be. Luckily our schedules aligned and allowed us to have 2 weeks in South America.

We started our trip in Peru by flying into Lima. It just so happened that a classmate of Ryan’s from Darden moved back to Lima with her family maybe a month or two before our trip. Having a local give you suggestions of where to eat and what to do is the best! We ate well and saw lots!! We met up one night for dinner at Huaca Pucllana. I loved this introduction to delicious Peruvian food. Francesca and her husband ordered a plethora of dishes in order for me and Ryan to experience everything. I told them that we knew of some dishes and had eaten them back in the states, but was certain these would taste better. And I was right! Plus the view of the ruins while dinning made for a beautiful backdrop.

Ryan and I didn’t spend much time in Lima. We came and saw and then headed to the Sacred Valley where we spent the majority of our time. We first stayed in the small town of Urubamba and did a lot of day trips to other villages like Pisac and Ollantaytambo. We’d leave early in the morning from Urubamba and return in the evening. We found that a lot of tour group companies came through the ruins and villages late morning/early afternoon and stayed maybe 2 or 3 hours. This gave us plenty of time to explore without battling crowds and allowed me to grab shots without the distraction of people in the background. We also traveled during their low season, but I was still surprised at how few visitors some of the sights had. It was really cool to be on top of one of the ruins and feel like the only person up there. The last few trips we’ve taken have been scheduled around low season. We’ve taken chances with the possibility of inclement weather and so far have really lucked out! Maybe we bring good weather with us, haha!

When we left Urubamba we headed to Machu Picchu and then Cuzco. I have a lot more images to share with you from this trip but won’t overload you with one post. I’ll write again, featuring more about Machu Picchu and Cuzco. Till then, enjoy the images below….

David Abel - How awesome are these?! I LOVE travel photography!

Jean Rayborn - Oh my……….how beautiful. Great job! Hugs

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