Eastern Europe Trip: Prague

If it’s one thing I’m behind on it’s going through and organizing personal images. I’ve been putting it off for too long and have finally made it a priority. It’s sad that I let it go this long. No more! I’ve been categoizing my images, editing, and sending prints to the lab. A long time ago I purchased a couple leather albums and quickly filled those up when we lived in Charlottesville. I ordered 6 more and have received a ton of 4×6 prints from the lab to go in them. My office is a wreck. I have the photos in organized piles, but there are just so many that they cover my floor. I’m excited to get to work. I’m sure it will be a ton of fun reminiscing over our travels.

Here’s just a sneak peak as to what’s to come…About a year ago, we traveled around Eastern Europe for two weeks, visiting Prague, Budapest, Vienna and other cities. I have plenty of images to share and will sometime soon, but till then heres one I snapped of a  violinist in Prague while strolling through an alley. Enjoy.

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